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Vibration massage is a stroke that encompasses vibration, jostling and shaking. They can be soothing or stimulating depending on the how much pressure and speed is used.

Fine vibrating massage benefits by helping to sedate the nervous system, help alleviate pain, stimulate organs like the intestines when applied to the abdomen or low back, or to relax muscles. What we're doing here is either one or two handed (hand over hand) providing static vibration to an area much like a vibrator.

Jostling helps increase circulation by way of it's pumping nature. We grasp the muscle with one or both hands and create a shaking motion similar to that of fluffing a pillow.

Shaking helps loosen joint ligaments and stimulate synovial fluid activity in the joints. Helps to lubricate the joints if you will. Shaking is where we lift and support a limb while providing support at say the knee if doing the leg. We must always be sure that all joints are supported. This is probably something that most at home users are going to be doing. Most likely shaking will be something a person will do on the torso where we use one or both hands to gently shake the entire body.

Free massage tip: Try and limit the amount of static fine vibration and rely more on gently rocking and jostling the body. Static or fine vibration can take a lot out of you when first learning. Always leave something for yourself (energy) at the end of the day.

Contraindications for vibration massage

Contraindications: Do not use vibrating massage over bony areas, muscles that are contracted, spastic, atrophied, flaccid, cramping or sensitive, flaccid or spastic paralysis. No heavy vibration over the kidneys or over the low back of those menstruating or pregnant. Insomnia, complete exhaustion, or neurasthenia. Remember vibration can travel. As does movement, so what you do in one area of the body can effect adjacent structures. For additional information see the contraindications page for tips on massage safety.

Vibration Massage Video

The following link for vibration massage goes on to point out effectiveness using deep oscillation massage. Although the study was using mechanical vibrating massager, it's fair to say that it's probable that some of those benefits might be carried over to vibration supplied by the human hand. 

What we've learned so far 

Massage basics reviewed

Massage Strokes

Basic step by step order for Swedish Massage

The order is Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction Massage, Tapotement, and Vibration. For more details see Swedish Massage

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