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Petrissage massage is a movement where you're attempting to lift tissues away from other structures. This stroke works better on muscles that are already relaxed therefore comes after you've sufficiently used effleurage first. We employ this stroke by stretching, lifting, kneading, rolling, and squeezing tissues. We can use our hands, thumbs, or fingers to do so. Depending on how the stroke is used, it can serve to improve circulation, break up subcutaneous adhesions, further relaxation of muscles, improve peristalsis (bowel movement) when done over the abdomen. For the most part though the home user will find it a great pumping or milking type stroke that helps move around interstitial fluids (fluids between cells). This helps promote the nourishing of cells and the removal of waste products. It also further stretches and broadens muscle fibers. And, it feels very good. One of the things I like most about it is it's ability to alter proprioception (the perception of where the brain thinks things are at within the body). When we confuse the brain it's a lot easier to erase chronic holding patterns that are dysfunctional to the body. Holding patterns meaning like when hunch our shoulders subconsciously. It helps the body return to a healthier norm. The video below is a little long. However, it's captioned to coincide with the stokes as they're being done and makes it much easier and faster to learn. Several looks are given to the various strokes as well.

Petrissage massage contraindications

Any condition for which effleurage is contraindicated, flaccid paralysis, muscles that are atrophied or muscles that do not have complete circulation or that is desensitized. For more detailed contraindications see the massage contraindications page. Be safe as we learn massage online.

Basic step by step order for Swedish Massage

The order is Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction Massage, Tapotement, and Vibration. For more details see Swedish Massage.

Study conducted for petrissage massage

Study conducted for petrissage massage

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