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In a tight economy people are looking for additional ways to do more for themselves. One of those ways is to learn how to massage. While it's practical to learn massage online by watching massage videos, it's important to know that in some instances it can be unsafe.

Before laying hands on another person you should know whether it's safe to do so. Always visit the contraindications and endangerments pages to ensure safety before massaging and/or seek the advice of a physician. If you ever have a question about safety, it's better not to massage until you have that question answered by a qualified professional.

Get more out of what you learn online by taking the time to read the information corresponding to videos. Rewards are in store for those that take the time to do so with hidden tips that will produce a better massage. A search tool is available on most pages to assist with ease of use.

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The site is a mix of various content relating to massage therapy, as well as general health. When necessary and when it makes it easier for you to learn massage therapy online, links will direct you outside the site to a best of the best of what's out there saving you time scouring the internet for the information you're looking for. If you come across content throughout your travels on the internet that you feel would be a good fit for the site, please let me know. Also, if you have specific massage questions not answered within the site you are free to email me your specific question. Your question might also be helpful to others.

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Inside you will find:

Healthy living tips that are unique such as how much water before or after a massage, sports taping, first aid for injuries, low back tips, better soft tissue healing, improved joint care and more.

Safety - List of contraindications - Learn massage therapy online safely before starting to massage someone.

How to massage without oils. Seated chair massage techniques that can be done in the home.

Massage as a career choice. Choosing a massage school and other tips to know before making financial and time commitments.

Narrated and captioned massage videos that are free and practical for those wishing to learn massage therapy online.

How massage works with other therapies. Get more out of the care you're receiving from chiropractic or physical therapy.

Learn Swedish Massage tips, techniques, the basic physiology behind each of the massage strokes and whether they're practical for the goals you have in mind.

Learn diversified approaches for treating various injuries in the football pages that you might be able to use around the home.

The site isn't intended to replace formal massage training and does not give you license to do massage professionally. Please see the footer at the bottom of this page for additional details.

As you learn how to massage, reading is recommended to supplement what's learned from the free massage videos. While it's easy to grab information about massage at a glance by watching massage videos, some points need to be emphasized because they often make the massage you give that much better.

Who can learn massage therapy online? -- Athletes, military, caregivers, unemployed, parents, doctors, veterans, homemakers, vocational and career counselors, students and people like just YOU. If you like something here at learn massage therapy online be sure to pass the information onto a friend.


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